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Sinsabaugh Trasnport Inc. is a contracted company for FedEx Ground. We deliver loads from hubs and terminals all across the country. We have updated equipment such as 2010 Pro Star International trackers. We haul doubles and 53 ft and rail trailers. We are required to wear the FedEX uniforms which are available from FedEX. We maintain a very professional atmosphere and are always available to our drivers no matter what time of day or evening. We are a Family orientated company. All our equipment is maintained regulary by Penske.

Our office is based out of Falling Waters West Virginia. We are contracted from the FedEx office in Hagerstown Maryland. We are known for our deliveries being on time. We have received numerous safety awards and million miles awards. We are always looking forward to employing  friendly , curteous, and responsible individuals. Our motto is " You have driven with the rest , Now  come drive with the Best!".

                                                                                                            Sinsabaugh Transport Inc.
                                                                                                             8956 Williamsport Pike
                                                                                                            Falling Waters, Wv 25419
                                                                                                             (304)820-0024 (office)
                                                                                                             (443)282-7922 (cell)

License #2003-5364

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